Tuesday, May 18, 2010

8 Business Use Cases for Twitter

My latest blog post is a guest contribution on John Mancini’s Digital Landfill blog. John is the president of AIIM which is the leading industry organization for enterprise content management and he has been collecting a series of guest contributions on a variety of topics – all featuring 8 items. And so when I wrote with my blog post on business use for Twitter in business and ended up with 8 use cases, I offered them to John and he accepted my post.

I have been using Twitter for about 18 months, first being just curious, then tentative and eventually I “got it”; or at least some of "it”. I found out that I am more and more using Twitter for work, following the community of similar-minded individuals ranging from industry leaders, analysts, bloggers, gurus, to competitors. I keep finding more and more great applications for the conversations that occur on Twitter, appreciating its open, public nature and brevity. And so I have captured some of the best use cases in my guest article on Digital Landfill:

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