Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Started

Yes, I am a technology fan. I love gadgets, I don’t keep any paper and I hate voice mails (especially the long ones). I have embraced social media a couple of years ago and I have a pretty active life on LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, and Twitter. But just like many others, I have been procrastinated on blogging for all the different reasons. I was shy to voice my thoughts publicly, I was concerned to disclose something confidential, and I was simply busy. Well, while all those challenges are not magically gone, I feel the urge to at least occasionally speak up. And so here is my blog.

I will be saying things the way I see them and not necessarily the way my employer does. Sometimes, I will say things that you might disagree with which is what I do in the real life. And I will try to be less busy, or at least use that excuse less. The bottom line is that the 140 characters I get on Twitter are simply not enough.

Not being a native English speaker, I am not particularly concerned about my grammar on this blog. Please excuse any mistakes or typos.

Feel free to contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn if you have any comment or questions. Or you can send me an e-mail the old fashioned way ;-)

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